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K9 Bed Bug Inspections

Residential Bed Bug Services


At Pestrol

We understand the importance of a good night sleep. We understand that living with bed bugs in your home is just not an option. With over a decade of experience Pestrol has the knowledgeable and trained staff that you need to eliminate a bed bug infestation.

Our Service

Taking in to consideration how stressful dealing with a bed bug problem can be, we don’t just give you a list of things to do before we provide a service. With the help of Ladybug our Bed Bug Sniffing dog, we have been able to design a bed bug service that is less invasive and extremely effective.

Ladybug, our NESDCA Certified Bed Bug Scent Detection K9 can locate the scent of live bed bugs and viable eggs with up to 95% accuracy compared to a human search which yields results of 17% - 30% accuracy. This process allows us to determine where the problem is occurring and what the level of infestation may be. Because we are able to pinpoint areas of infestation, we are able to reduce the exposure of pesticides to your family and the environment.

Our services will include a minimum two visits. A 60 day warrantywill take effect after the last treatment is provided, where we will return at no additional cost if a problem arises.