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K9 Bed Bug Inspections

Bed Bug Canine Scent Detection


nesdca bedbug

Meet Ladybug Pestrol’s very own Bed Bug Sniffing Dog.


For many years the military and law enforcement have trusted man’s best friend to help find narcotics, bombs, money and cadaver. Now the pest control industry has taken notice on how effective dogs are in helping detect bed bugs and their viable eggs.

Pestrol’s Bed Bug K9 Detection Service can locate the presence of odor of live bed bugs and viable eggs with up to 95% accuracy compared to a human search which yields results of 17% - 30% accuracy. With our NESDCA certified canine team which has been trained by J&K Canine Academy in Florida we can now offer a peace of mind and a positive less invasive solution to bed bug treatments.

Why Choose Ladybug?

1.Because Ladybug works for love and food, not profits, you can rest assure that she will provide you with an extremely accurate inspection.

2.Ladybug and her two handlers received certification from the National Entomology Scent Detection Canine Association (NESDCA)

3.If bed bugs are detected and a treatment is provided by Pestrol, your canine inspection is FREE.


Please feel free to read the research done by The University of Florida in 2008 on the Ability of Bed Bug Detecting Canines.