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K9 Bed Bug Inspections

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do I know if I need an exterminator?

We always suggest using a professional exterminator when a pest problem as arised. The knowledge of a trained professional will be crucial to solving a pest problem.

2.I think I have bed bugs. How can I be sure?

You may notice bites on your body that look like welts. You may also see the bed bugs themselves, small bloodstains, or dark spots from their droppings. It is often hard to find them because they hide in or near beds, on other furniture, and in cracks. It is always best to have professional inspect your home.

3.Do Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs really work?

We can only answer this question based on our K9 service. Pestrol’s Bed Bug K9 Detection Service can locate the presence of odor of live bed bugs and viable eggs with up to 95% accuracy compared to a human search which yields results of 17% - 30% accuracy.

4.If I find bed bugs, should I throw away my mattress and furniture?

It is not necessary to throw away your mattress and furniture. Most items can be treated and we suggest getting a bed bug proof mattress cover. If you do decide to throw away your furniture we suggest you completely wrap furniture and mattresses before discarding them to avoid spreading the problem to other areas. You should not put new furniture back into a room until you are sure you have taking care of the problem.

5.How do I choose a pest control company?

You will find that no two companies are the same. Here are a few questions to ask a company.

  • 1. Are you licensed and insured?
  • 2. What is your protocol for treatments? A good company has a plan for their services.
  • 3. Do you offer a Warranty or Guarantee for services you perform? A company that has success with their treatments will usually offer some type of warranty.
  • 4. Has your company treated for the type of pest I am dealing with?